Telehealth Counseling 740.448.1604 - 740.592.5689 - No Office Visits -- Individual/Couples Teletherapy Counseling
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About the Process . . .
 For an accurate assessment & treatment, we really do need you to be completely honest and forthcoming with all information requested, whether on a form, or verbally. All information is strictly confidential and kept secure (see Privacy Practices document on the Forms Page for details).
Once you have contacted the office at (740) 592-5689 or at 
(740) 629-0710 we will ask for some basic information:
  • Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Referral Source
  • Payment source: If  using insurance, the name of the company and the details of your coverage plan for services. We will need picture of both sides of your insurance card  if you plan to use insurance.  The pictures of the card can be faxed to (740) 593-7166 or email by a secure server email.  Additionally, you will  need to fax a copy of your driver's license for identification verification. If you will not be using insurance, a reduced rate fees plan is available for those who are paying out of pocket.  
  • At the initial contact  will  be asked  to briefly describe the current concerns you are having that you think a professional may be able to help you with. Again, this information is kept in the strictest of confidence & security.
  • Your appointment for Telehealth services will be based on your availability for day or evening appointments.
  • Completion of the web-site forms prior to our meeting are necessary to assist in the completion of the intake/assessment session and in developing a personalized treatment plan prior to the conclusion of your first appointment. On the next page are the forms to download and complete.
At the first session we will work to get to know each other by talking with each other:
  •  I will review your completed paperwork with you & ask clarifying questions to discover what your concerns are at the present. We will explore the natural strengths you have that will be utilized to help you succeed with your personal counseling goals.
  •  You may ask me questions, too, for your understanding of how counseling works, and/or about any of my practice  policies.
  • Insurance billable counseling sessions are provided for 45/50 minutes.  (I will ensure that sessions will be brought to closure in a prompt manner, prior to the scheduling of the next appointment time, so that the daily office schedule remains timely for all clients and to comply with insurance standards.)
  • It often is helpful to have a notebook and ink pen to write down suggestions and recommendations I may have for you through out the course of our session or as personal reminders of what you learned about yourself in the session that day. To maximize the effectiveness of Teleherapy, I also recommend you keep notes during the week, journal if you can, and have a list of issues you would like to address for each session.
  • I take various types of private insuranceyet I am NOT ELIGIBLE to bill Medicaid or Medicare. I offer a reduced rate for those who are self-paying for their services. FULL payments (self-pay) and co-payments are accepted in the form of a MasterCard or Visa credit/debit card at the end of the session.  Marriage counseling services are self-pay only.